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The Hackers Mindset and the Best Defense Strategy

Hacker stealing password

What is the hacker's mindset?

A hacker is not necessarily a criminal. It’s more of a mindset. Adopting this mindset is the only way defenders will rise against the growing threat of cybercrime, and organizations will effectively ward off attacks. We certainly shouldn’t idolize criminally motivated hackers – but we could all learn a lot from their strategies.

Authentication devices

1 - EC-Council certified more than 237,000 security professionals. The most popular certificate is Certified Ethical Hacker.

Hackers are systems thinkers; they have an attitude that allows them to identify opportunities to make outsized impacts creatively, quickly, and resourcefully. Managers and executives could benefit from thinking more like hackers. Hacking helps us take a step back from the worn-out management tenets of efficiency, long-term planning, hierarchical decision-making, and full information, to adopt instead more adaptable strategies. Adopting a hacker attitude can help managers and executives work around obstacles, find opportunities, cultivate a culture of practical results, mobilize staff around processes instead of end goals, and navigate situations in which there isn’t an obvious answer or clear choice.

Data Center

73% of Managed service providers or your typical IT company have reported at least 1 security incident.

Adopting a hacker's mindset will also help you evaluate your current IT firm. 10 years ago, your standard MSPs would raise rates markup hardware and sell an IT service with no thought about how secure you are. Every IT company now needs to be in the cybersecurity space, or they will be forced to close doors. The companies who have been open for 10 plus years have spent a big majority of their income on expanding those same services and are now starting to invest into security. Have you evaluated how long your standing IT company has been in business? Have you evaluated the compliancy regulations your IT company is required to meet? Have you been putting your company's fate in the hands of a company that appears secure but has reported a security incident? These questions aren't meant to break your current relationship with IT but to enforce integrity and making sure who you hired is truly handling this big responsibility appropriately. Give Shield Technologies a call and we can help get your team into the proper mindset to keep your organization safe.

Time is what determines security. With enough time nothing is un-hackable ~Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

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