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Our Mission

To protect and educate businesses on cyber disasters, creating a shield in an always-changing threat landscape

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Andrew Streske

Founder and CEO

About Me

Andrew Streske is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Shield Technologies LLC. He established Shield Technologies LLC in February of 2021 and brings more than a decade of experience in security consulting. 


Prior to establishing Shield Technologies LLC, Andrew worked for Northwestern Mutual LLC and other large companies in the Greater Milwaukee Area in the IT Industry. Some of Andrew's greatest accomplishments include successfully recovering businesses from ransomware that were not previous clients of his with no existing IT services. Along with, building complex military networks overseas.


Andrew seeks to educate businesses in proper cyber defense practices. He provides "lunch and learn" seminars to promote cyber security awareness. Andrew lives in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. Their favorite family trip is going "up north" to our cabin.

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